Have you ever felt like you’re standing in the middle of the woods screaming at the top of your lungs and nobody can hear you? Perhaps it’s that they won’t listen?

Everyone in the world wants to be heard. Everyone wants to share his or her opinion. Everyone wants to be a part of the solution. Here is your opportunity.

This site was designed to empower YOU with the same voice and same influence as a multi millionaire. Your opinion will now carry as much weight as a major campaign contributor. As you vote daily the collective vote from all votes in your Congressional district and Senate district will be available every night to your Congressman, Senator and White House.  Most of us cannot afford to attend a political fund raising dinner with our Representatives at $10,000.00 a plate to have 5 minutes with them face to face to voice our opinion (as if it matters or is heard anyway). But now you are able to be in control daily and you should, must, tell them daily what you expect from them and how you want them to vote for you. They work for you! Therefore they should vote the way their constituents want them to.

Often times, we are told, that they vote based on what you want but how could they possibly know what you want if you don’t tell them and they don’t ask you. If you are happy with the way things are, than don’t vote.  However if you, like most Americans are not happy with the way the government is managed, also the increase in our national debt continually then vote daily, make your voice heard, Unite Your Voices! No longer can 535 Representatives tell 327,256,465 Million Americans (U.S. Census Bureau 2-16-2018), Us-we the people, powered with our votes, we the taxpayers, what’s best for you. Now with your daily vote through Unite Your Voices you will be telling them what is best for you, us.

Many times we’ve heard on Election Day that people didn’t vote because what good is one vote? Well it could make all the difference in the direction our Country grows, runs, spends and benefits you and your loved ones or your communities. Don’t let down your families or community vote daily and make sure everyone you know does also.  Take control of our future and yours!